Officers Michael Young and Justin Rudloff respond to a dispatch call of a possible burglary in progress.  When officers arrive they see a male suspect on patio and rush in to detain him. He resists after officers spot a large knife in his back waistline.  The suspect explains that he was visiting his dad who supposedly “Used to live at the house, years ago”.  He also said he was “On his way to turn in the knife at the police station”.  He is arrested for resisting and possession of illegal weapon.

NameMichael Young
AgencyOmaha Police Department
Station/Area CommandSoutheast
FromCouncil Bluffs, IA
Why Law EnforcementWas interested my entire life.  I worked Casino security, which further motived me to want to become an officer.
First ArrestMy FTO and I conducted a traffic stop and discovered that both occupants were known gang members with previous weapons charges.  I pulled the passenger out and asked a question I had been trained to ask, “Do you have any weapons on you?”  As is the usual answer, he replied “No”.  I proceded to pat him down anyway and while checking his waist I felt a firearm!  I signaled to my FTO who was able to cover me while retrieved the gun.  Later I found that he was being charged federally for posessing the firearm.
Best part of the jobWhen you get to help a genuine victim by putting a bad guy in jail!
HobbiesMovies, Video games, spending time with my family!
Favorite Quote“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on thier behalf”  

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