Deputy Hairston with Spokane County Sheriff’s Office attempts to stop a vehicle for failure to maintain his lane. The driver of the vehicle refuses to stop, and pursuit ensues through a parking lot. The suspect blows through a stop sign continuing to swerve around vehicles. The vehicle enters an apartment complex, and the driver tries to bail out. Deputy Hairston runs up to the vehicle and is able to tackle him to the ground. Backup arrives and detains the passenger. The driver says he was just going to get food and then headed home. He explains that he was never running from the Police and wanted to make sure his car was parked at home. The suspect is booked on felony charges. Passenger says he didn’t know why his buddy decided to run. 

NameAndrew Hairston
AgencySpokane County Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandDowntown Nights Platoon 1 / District 13
FromLived in Spokane since I was 5
Why Law EnforcementEver since I was a kid I wanted to be in a job where I served my community. The first time I truly realized I wanted to be a Cop was in High School. I had some pretty good role models around that time and afterward that made me want to go into law enforcement.
First ArrestMy first memorable arrest, I was searching for a guy who fled a bar after assaulting someone. I located the suspect, and while moving in to detain him, he threw a haymaker at me then took off running. A foot pursuit ensued and I chased him about 100 yards before catching up to him and he started fighting again. Backup arrived, taser deployed, one in custody.
Best part of the jobI love the proactive side of Police work. Going out and searching for badguys, and getting to put them in jail.
HobbiesI love the outdoors. I enjoy hunting, shooting, camping, golfing, etc. I also have a ’72 Chevelle in the garage that needs to get built one of these days.
Favorite QuoteI am a big fan of K-9s and love it when they are referred to as a “Fur Missile.” Deputy Brian Templeton of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department responds to a call of domestic violence at apartment. A man has barricaded himself inside

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