Officers Joseph and George see a vehicle driving erratically. When they attempt to pull it over it speeds up , which leads to a short car chase. Once car comes to a stop, officers apprehended suspect at gun point. Car is searched, and nothing is found. When asked why he ran, suspect began reciting his philosophical views on life, and that he did not feel like dealing with cops at that moment in time. Suspect is arrested for driving while suspended, and the car chase.

NameBrian Joseph
RankSenior Police Officer
AgencyDes Moines Iowa Police Department
Station/Area Command1st Watch Patrol, Squad 1
FromDes Moines, IA
Why Law EnforcementMy grandfather and great uncle were both career Chicago PD officers.  I grew up hearing great stories, admiring both of them and their professions, and eventually I got interested in making the job my career.
First ArrestI was tripped to the American Inn and Suites on a possible domestic situation.  We were granted access into the designated room.  Upon patting down one suspect, I smelled an odor of marijuana coming from his person.  I discovered a small baggie of marijuana in his pocket.  He was placed under arrest.  
Best part of the jobThe job usually brings something different each night.  I enjoy the variety of trips.  The nights where I genuinely can help another person is something I can hang my hat on at the end of the day.
HobbiesPlay baseball, workout, paintball, spend time with my family and friends, take in a movie, vacation, take my two dogs to the park
Favorite Quote“Never Quit, Never Lose”

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