Patrolman Cooper of Charleston WV Police Department receives a call of a suspicious person in an alleyway. The subject is located and upon questioning, lies repeatedly about his name, date of birth, and address. During questioning the suspect also refers to patrolman Cooper as Bubba. Cooper repeatedly requests that the man show some respect and not address him as Bubba. The subject has a tattoo with initials JRC on right arm and claims they are his deceased son’s initials. Backup officers arrive on scene to assist with identifying the subject with the help of a thumbprint ID device. His correct information was located quickly and the name game comes to an end. The initials correspond to his name. The man claims he lied because he has a warrant and addicted to heroin. He states he was trying to avoid jail because he didn’t want to become dope sick. Patrolman Cooper offers him drug treatment information and advice on how to turn his life around. The man is booked on his warrants and obstructing. Deputy Swint stops a vehicle with multiple equipment violations. After questioning the driver Deputy Swint pulls the driver out and finds a pill bottle of

Read More » Welsh & Wanger attempt to catch up to a bicyclist who commits a traffic violation. The suspect pedals onto a bike path and the

Read More » Officer Ursitti and Officer Ciulla spot a vehicle entering a public housing division, that had cut off another vehicle. Officers attempt to initiate a

Read More » Deputy Kessinger provides back up for another deputy who is conducting a traffic stop and has K9 en route. The driver says he just

Read More » Officers Hachler and High spot a motorcycle with no plates. They initiate a traffic stop, and a pursuit ensues. Updates on the motorcycles whereabouts

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Officer Mark Lindsey of the Neighborhood Response Squad is notified by a detective that a suspect with a felony warrant has been spotted walking down

Read More » Glendale NRS Officers Trevor Goode and Zane Hinde see a female on the sidewalk asleep while standing on her Razor scooter. They make contact with her to

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Detective Jason Steinke of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office – Fugitive Warrants Unit is in search of a female suspect with a felony arrest warrant

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