Deputy Tony Madison with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responds to a call of a physical disturbance involving a married couple after a neighbor claimed to witness a man beating on a woman outside their residence. Upon arriving at the scene, Madison is met by a visibly-shaken woman and a boisterous man, who yells at the deputy to leave his property. A verbal altercation ensued while the couple ate dinner because the husband perceived his wife was cheating on him. While detaining the couple, Madison observes what appears to be blood on both parties. However, after looking closer, many of the “wounds” turn out to be barbecue sauce that was flung during the struggle. Deputies proceed to determine whether each mark is blood or barbecue sauce. While searching the male, a small baggie of what is later confirmed to be meth is found in the front pocket of his pants. The man is adamant that those aren’t his pants even though they fit like a glove and claims that the wife set him up by letting him borrow her pants. The woman decides not to file charges for the family violence, but the man is taken to jail anyway for possession of meth.

Story Title

All Sauced Up


Tony Madison




Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Station/ Area Command

District 4 Magnolia




Houston/Spring, Texas



How did you get into Law Enforcement?

I have family members who work in law enforcement and as first responders in fire departments and EMS. I also had a desire to serve my community.

What was your first arrest and how did it go? Tell us the story.

My first arrest was a simple traffic warrant during a traffic stop. The arrest went fine – no drama involved. I am sure that I was more nervous than the person arrested.

What is the best part of your job?

It sounds very cliche but when I am able to make a difference and/or truly help someone.

What are some of your hobbies?

Shooting, collecting baseball cards, playing video games, tree growing, woodworking, and most importantly spending time with my wife and son.

What is your favorite quote or saying?

“Ain’t no shame in holding onto grief as long as you make room for other things too.”
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