Deputy Sheriff Samuel Kimmel – Martin County Sheriffs Office Deputy Kimmel attempts to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle that missed a stop sign. The vehicle slows down, but decides to pick it back up while turning into a nearby neighborhood. Kimmel stays with the alluding suspect following it through a neighborhood on to a main road until the pursuit is called off. K9, alongside a backing deputy, spot the suspect’s vehicle cutting through a shopping center. Another attempt to stop the vehicle fails as the suspect drives away while deputies were exiting their vehicles. The tag comes back to an address nearby so deputies are able to get in the area, anticipating the suspect’s arrival home. Upon approaching the suspect’s last know address, yelling and screaming coming from the address can be heard from the outside. Kimmel strategically ducks behind bushes and waits for the suspect to walk out. As the suspect eventually does, he walks with keys in hand to the vehicle that had just fled. Deputy Kimmel and K9 Albauer are able to ID and detain the alluding suspect. The man is shocked and claims to have been missing his car for a few days and that he has been home with his nana all night. He admits to be out on bond for a previous traffic infraction. The man sticks to his story that doesn’t add up and is charged with aggravated fleeing and alluding

Officer Kaleb Brewer of the Wichita Police Department spots a male driver not wearing a seat belt. At first, the driver is cooperative but proceeds

Read More » Officers Jordan Brandt and Nick Yarpe, of the Omaha Police Department respond to a radio call of a carjacking that has just occurred. Officers get behind the

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Officer Sarah Hill of the Boise Police Department spots car making a turn without signaling.  She initiates a traffic stop and discovers the driver has

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Deputy Randy Rael of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office spots a speeding vehicle and tries to initiate a traffic stop. The car takes off, and

Read More » Officer Mark Showman pulls over a vehicle for having false plates. After running both passengers information the vehicle comes back stolen. Both suspects are

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Deputy Roedding with Lee County Sheriffs Office makes contact with a suspicious vehicle inside a closed park. Both records come back clean and the woman

Read More » Portland Police Officers Winkel & Green try to catch up, and attempt a traffic stop, on a white Mercedes that they recognize as a

Read More » CRT officers spot a wanted person walking down the street. They attempt to stop and chat with him, at which point he flees. Officer Daniel

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