Deputy Martin Perez of the Bexar County Sheriffs Department attempts to make a traffic stop on a car that is speeding with a rear donut tire. The car stops, but when the deputy gets out of his cruiser, the vehicle speeds off. A high-speed pursuit ensues through several neighborhoods. The suspect drives down a dirt road and crashes in a large culvert. The suspect then flees the vehicle on foot along the drainage ditch. The Street Crimes Unit sets up a perimeter and catches the suspect hiding under a car nearby. While being questioned, the suspect admits his wrongdoing and admits owning the marijuana that is found next to his car. Deputy Martin Perez explains to the 17-year old that it is not too late to turn his life around. The suspect is booked on evading, reckless driving and marijuana.

Corporal Justin Laing spots a stolen car listed on the department’s hot sheet. After a dangerous pursuit through a neighborhood, the driver crashes into a

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Detectives Thomas Lynn and Marlan Meggers of A.C.E. (Auto Crimes Enforcement) run the plate of a mid 90’s Honda Accord and it comes back stolen.

Read More » Officer Cassie McHale, of the Fort Myers Police Department spots a vehicle failing to stop at a stop sign. As she attempts to stop

Read More » Officer Andrew McKalips backs up a SGT who is on scene at a Donut Shop, where a baker with a warrant runs into the Shop to hide from

Read More » Officers Osborne and Pledger observe a suspicious vehicle parked in a business lot after hours. They make contact with the driver and passenger which

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Officer Steve McKenna of the Wichita Police Department attempts to pull over an SUV with a stolen 60-day temporary tag. When Officer McKenna flashes his

Read More » Officer Derick Smith of the Lubbock Police Department responds to a domestic disturbance call, where multiple parties were involved in a dispute. Upon arrival

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Detective Mathew Neill of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office attempts to stop a vehicle with no front plate. The driver tries to lose the detective

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