Deputy Yelle of the Nye County Sheriff’s Office conducts a traffic stop on a woman who has been reported as recently having shoplifted items from a gas station. Initially, the woman denies that she stole anything from the gas station, but little by little, the pieces come together. The woman begins to admit that she stole some items while claiming that she paid for some others. Deputy Yelle and his partner, Deputy Mendoza repeatedly catch the woman in her lies. Even though she is adamant that the gas station clerk told her that she could keep some of the stolen items because he liked her, the deputies are clearly able to see through her poorly executed charade. She is arrested and taken to jail for petty larceny and burglary.


Jason Yelle




Nye county Sheriff’s Office

Station/Area Command





Highland, CA



Why Law Enforcement

My job history after sports was all security minded and based. From bouncing in nightclubs to private security to bodyguard work for independent contracts, it all prepared me for this line of work and allowed me to mature and develop a good sense for protecting those that needed it and fine tuning skills I believe are necessary for the job.

First Arrest

My first arrest was a domestic violence call and initially was believed to be between a male and female over a recently born infant and struggles they were having. When I got on scene I learned that the fight broke out because the female confronted the male about using illegal narcotics and actually caught the male having sexual intercourse with another male inside the home. The male then head butted the female and fled the scene. He was later arrested that night when I learned his location and charged him accordingly. It was a nice unusual situation coupled with a rookie cop and thank God I had a seasoned back up officer with me because the dynamics of the situation changed entirely on arrival. I handled the situation accordingly and the arrest went very controlled and smooth but the situation in itself was just.. different.

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Deputy Yelle of the Nye County Sheriff’s Office conducts a traffic stop on a woman who has been reported as recently having shoplifted items from

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