Deputy Cody Lowery of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responds to a call of a woman claiming her hair collection was stolen. Upon arriving at the scene, Deputy Lowery is met by an intoxicated female who tells Deputy Lowery that she and her male friend were having a verbal altercation after she found her hair locks out on the kitchen table. She alleges that in the past her friend sold 14″ of her hair in exchange for cocaine. The female suspect also claims that during the argument, her male friend tried to touch her feet but she wasn’t fond of it. The woman proceeds to show the deputies her hair collection and Deputy Lowery spots marijuana in plain sight meanwhile the female suspects suggests she is as “high as a kite”. Her friend tries to take the blame but the woman had already claimed ownership of the drugs and is arrested for misdemeanor possession. Deputy Lowery states that the female suspect checked herself into a sober home following the incident and is doing better since.

Story Title

Hair Switch Project


Cody Lowery




Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Station/Area Command

Patrol District 3


Originally from Alabama but grew up in the Tomball/Magnolia area of Texas.



Hire Date


How did you get into Law Enforcement?

When I moved to Texas at the age of 7, my adoptive father was a police officer for the Houston Police Department. So, at a young age I grew up in a law enforcement household and it was always the topic. I grew up only knowing and wanting to be a police officer. As I got older my older brother also got into law enforcement so when I was old enough I applied to the same department that my brother enlisted with and got hired on. Law enforcement was my calling and it was what I was meant to do and be.

What was your first arrest and how did it go?

I want to say my first arrest was for Public Intoxication. The caller/reportee called in on his daughter advising she was possibly suicidal and took off running. While searching the area I located the female a few blocks away from the house sitting on the curb. She was not, in fact, suicidal but highly intoxicated. She refused to go back home and be around her father although she had nowhere else to go therefore she was arrested for PI. I remember thinking to myself, is this the right call? I hope I am not violating any policy!! I’m sure I was very nervous but also very happy that my first arrest was nothing ‘major’.

What is the best part of your job?

I would have to say the freedom I get. My office is my patrol car and every day is something new. No two calls are the same, maybe the same in nature, but the people make it different; some good and some bad.


Relax and chill or be around my friends. I’m sort of lazy while off duty and on my own time. I work so much that when I have time to do nothing, I like to do nothing.

Favorite Quote or Saying

Everything happens for a reason.

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