Deputy Clinton Stearns of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office conducts a traffic stop after spotting a male driver not wearing a seat belt. When Deputy Stearns approaches the vehicle, the man discloses he does not have his driver’s license due to prior traffic offenses. The K9 unit arrives and a positive alert is made on the vehicle. The suspect is smoking a cigarette at a gas station meanwhile, Deputies find a bag of methamphetamine in the glove box, a loaded weapon, and an adult toy. The driver admits he has a drug problem and takes responsibility for the meth and the adult toy but not the gun. The suspect’s mother arrives on the scene since she is the registered vehicle owner and confirms the gun belongs to her son. Mother and son have a heart to heart before he is taken to jail on multiple felony charges.

Story Title 

Toys and Meth


Clinton Stearns




Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office



Hire Date

Feb. 2014

Originally From

Plant City, FL

How did you get into Law Enforcement?

My father’s best friend was a Captain with the Sheriff’s Office. I remember growing up he would come home from the graveyard shift. I would always have questions and beg him to tell me stories from the night.

What was your first arrest?

My first arrest was a domestic violence call where a female struck her boyfriend in the face several times. Upon arrival, the woman spontaneously stated she struck him in the face multiple times because he would not have sex with her. Looking back it was the easiest arrest I have ever made.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Everyday is a different call/situation. Logging into work, you never know what to expect. Also, being able to interact with people and helping them through a crisis is rewarding.


I like to hunt and fish. I have a cabin in North Carolina and love to do adventures outside such as trout fishing and zip lining. I also live on a farm, with angus cattle and chickens.

What is your favorite quote or saying?

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