Corporal Rob Welsh of the Charleston WV Police Department makes contact with a suspicious vehicle. The occupants explain that they are there to pick up “Easy”. Corporal Welsh obtains consent to search the vehicle and finds crystal methamphetamine and heroin. The front passenger claims the white packaged substance that fell from his lap when exiting the vehicle is just sugar that he was going to sell to somebody as fake drugs. Corporal Welsh further searches the car finding a large amount of drug paraphernalia. All suspects deny they have any knowledge of the drugs and claim their innocence. Upon further discussion, the passenger admits that the drugs belong to the driver and that he’s not going to take the rap. Corporal Welsh talks to the driver who eventually admits the drugs are his. The driver is taken to jail while the two passengers are set free. Police Officer Senior Kyle McDonald observes a hand to hand transaction. When he attempts to stop the suspect, he runs. After a two minute

Read More » Officers Osborne and Pledger observe a suspicious vehicle parked in a business lot after hours. They make contact with the driver and passenger which

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Officer Sarah Hill of the Boise Police Department spots car making a turn without signaling.  She initiates a traffic stop and discovers the driver has

Read More » Officers Fox and Collier stop a car driven by a male for a traffic violation. Driver has a meth pipe in his pocket. The female passenger

Read More » Officer Rogers Patrols an area known for drugs, prostitution and gang activity. He spots 2 males walking in the middle of the road and

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While on patrol, Sergeant Robert Vega of the Colton Police Department, stumbles upon a man and woman late at night rummaging through a dumpster at

Read More » Officer Jim Cooney responds to a disturbance near a downtown club. A man was kicked out of a cab by the driver for insufficient funds in

Read More » Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Amanda Grissinger is dispatched to a burglary in progress.  Upon arrival a male is found sitting in a truck

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