Deputy Lance Herrera of the Bexar County Sheriffs Department spots a man riding a bike without an illuminated light attached to his bike. Deputy Herrera tries to make contact with the man, but he speeds up and tries to elude the deputy by cutting through the driveway of a home and into the backyard. The man is apprehended, and the drugs he discarded retrieved. The suspect admits that he is addicted to heroin and looking to make a change in his life. He explains that this arrest him could be a step in that direction because he will have a chance to clean up in jail. The suspect is arrested for evading on foot, possession of marijuana and destruction of evidence.

Deputy Lance Herrera of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department attempts to make a traffic stop on a car that is traveling at 85 MPH. The driver refuses to stop and leads the deputy on a brief car chase. The car finally pulls over just outside of an apartment complex, where the deputy is able to take the suspect to the ground and place him in handcuffs. The man reveals that he had been speeding because he was in a desperate rush to get home to his wife. Deputy Herrera speaks with the man’s wife, and she explains that she has looked through her husband’s phone and that she knows that he is addicted to porn. She has reached a breaking point, and she no longer wishes to be in a relationship with her husband. A search of the vehicle reveals a loaded gun and a full magazine. When Deputy Herrera confronts the man with the news of the discovery, the man swears that the car and the gun belong to his brother. He tells Deputy Herrera that he knew that he was going to be arrested anyway, and that was why he fled. The man is concerned with his need to convince his wife that he is not involved with making pornography videos or sleeping with men. The deputy books the man on charges of felony evasion in a motor vehicle and unlawful carry of a firearm.

Deputy Baarts of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office is dispatched to a neighbor dispute call. A man has reportedly shot his neighbor with a pellet

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Deputy Corso responds to a domestic disturbance call where allegedly the boyfriend smashed the window of his girlfriend’s car with the butt of his gun.

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While driving on patrol, Detective Bryan Dubois with Lubbock Police Department recognizes a male walking on the sidewalk who he believes has a felony warrant.

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Corporal Sy Slover of the Amarillo Police Department responds to a call of an armed robbery. When Corporal Slover arrives he encounters a frantic pizza

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