Detective Dubois spots a vehicle that was just involved in an armed home invasion robbery. He makes a traffic stop and gets the suspect out at gunpoint as several Officers arrive as backup. Inside the vehicle Detective Dubois finds a loaded hand gun which belongs to the suspect. A loaded rifle is found in the back seat matching the description of the weapon stolen in the home invasion. The suspect claims his innocence but doesn’t remember how or when the stolen items made it into his car. The suspect is taken into custody and is booked on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Detective Dubois with Lubbock PD spots a stolen vehicle – he turns around and attempts to make a traffic stop. When the suspect is arrested and questioned about the vehicle, he claims a random person handed him the keys. However, surveillance photos show him at the scene of the crime. The owner of the stolen car arrives and notices the suspect wearing her boyfriend’s shirt which was in the vehicle. The suspect is then stripped of the shirt and taken to jail for auto theft.

Lubbock Police Department is Hiring –

A call comes in to Officer James Stahl and fellow officers reporting a nearby carjacking. Upon arriving to the scene the officers spot the car

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Sergeant Tony Alves of the Gulfport Police Department assists a fellow officer with a routine traffic stop. Sgt. Alves approaches the passenger side of the

Read More » A vehicle flees after Cpl. Bart Ryder of the Lafayette Police CSU (Crime Suppression Unit) attempts a traffic stop in front of a known narcotics house.

Read More » Deputy Adrian Thompson races to backup Deputy Aubrey Raymond who has initiated a pursuit of a stolen car. Raymond was flagged down by the victim who

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Deputy Ayres with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office makes a traffic stop on a vehicle occupied twice. The nervous driver makes a slow stop

Read More » Officer Derick Smith of the Lubbock Police Department responds to a domestic disturbance call, where multiple parties were involved in a dispute. Upon arrival

Read More » Detective Meggers and Lynn of A.C.E (Auto Crimes Enforcement) spot a stolen Honda Civic.  As they follow the stolen vehicle, waiting for more units

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Corporal Justin Laing spots a stolen car listed on the department’s hot sheet. After a dangerous pursuit through a neighborhood, the driver crashes into a

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