Officers Hachler and High spot a motorcycle with no plates. They initiate a traffic stop, and a pursuit ensues. Updates on the motorcycles whereabouts are received via Officers operating city cameras. The chase comes to an end after the suspect pulls into a business parking lot and dumps the bike. He is then taken into custody. Officer Parker later finds the motorcycle ditched in the nursery. The mother and sister of the suspect arrive and are hysterical. In a strange turn of events, the manager of the Walgreens recognizes them as shoplifters. They are then confronted and told not to return to the store or they will be arrested as well. The owner of the bike later shows up to reclaim his property. The suspect is transported to jail for the stolen motorcycle, fleeing the police, and a warrant for his arrest.

NameKevin hachler
AgencyStockton Police Department
Station/Area CommandNorth Strategic Community Officer
Why Law EnforcementI went on a few ride alongs and realized that I wanted to start thetesting process and change my career path.
First ArrestThe most memorable arrest when I was fresh out of the training program. I was still pretty new to the department. During briefing we were advised of a homocide suspect to look for and that he frequentsthe downtown area (near the Police Department). My partner and I were driving our car to get fuel and had not even logged on yet. I spotted the suspect as we were driving, jumped out of our car and took him into custody. Not the most exciting arrest but one of the most memorable at the start of my career.
Best part of the jobBeing able to work closely with the community and not only take thebad guys to jail. But making a partnership with many of the young kidsin the city and showing them that we are the good guys. This is thetime for us to built trust with them.
HobbiesLove fishing and going to the gym.
Favorite QuoteYou may be faster than me  but you can never outrun the radio. Officer Aaron Pearson of the Springfield Police Department backs up officer Nicholas Masterson on a shoplifting call. Allegedly a male and a female stole

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