Officers Britten and Moore of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department attempt a car stop on a vehicle that has just left a known drug house and a driver that appears to be impaired.  After lighting up the vehicle the driver takes off.  The pursuit appears to end on a freeway just inside the neighboring state of Kansas.  The vehicle which appears to be having mechanical problems takes off again.  At that point the rain which had begun a few minutes earlier has become so heavy that for safety reasons officers have to terminate the pursuit.  As they look for the nearest off ramp they see the vehicle has stopped in the middle of the freeway. The car takes off again but is disabled and can only go a couple miles an hour. The occupants are taken into custody, and the driver is found with a holster and bullets in his pocket.  Kansas City, Kansas Police search the vehicle and find the loaded revolver behind the stereo.  The driver is arrested and the passenger is taken to the hospital for evaluation.

NameJacob Moore
RankPolice Officer
AgencyKansas City Missouri Police Department
Station/Area CommandViolent Crimes Enforcement
FromApple Valley, MN
Why Law EnforcementWanted to be a cop for a long time.
First ArrestArrested an individual for a crack-pipe. I was lost and confused, but thought it was a blast
Best part of the jobPutting truly bad people in jail, to keep the community safe.
HobbiesGolf, basketball, and house projects
Favorite QuoteStop running please!

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