Officers Cornelius and Kane of the APEX unit spot a car leaving an area known for drugs.  After a few traffic violations the car is pulled over, and in talking to the driver and passengers, it becomes clear that the stories do not match all the passengers. Officer Cornelius suspects that they have drugs on them or in the car.  A K9 unit is called and the dog alerts to possible drugs in the vehicle.  Upon searching the vehicle only some residue is found along with a needle.  One of the passengers tells Cornelius that the female sitting up front stashed the drugs in her pants.  Cornelius convinces her to hand over the heroin, she finally gives in and reaches in her underwear and gives up the drugs.  She is arrested for possession of heroin.  

NamePatrick Kane
RankPolice Officer
AgencyAtlanta Police Department
Station/Area CommandAPEX UNIT
FromBuffalo, NY
Why Law EnforcementMy father was a probation officer and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I went to college and received my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Hilbert College. I tried for two years to get a job in New York and eventually moved to Atlanta and began working with APD.
First ArrestI was assigned to Zone One and I was on foot beat patrol. While walking up and down the street a few citizens came up to my partner and I and told us that there were gambling behind a vacant house. My partner and I walked up behind the house and there was a group of about 8-10 people gambling. A few people turned and saw my partner and I and yelled “12”, which was slang for Police. The group of people took off running and I was able to run after them and catch one.
Best part of the jobThat I come to work each day and I have no idea what is going to happen. The commrodary that you develop with co-workers is a family lifestyle that you don’t get anywhere else. The fact that I get the chance to help people every day too never gets old.
HobbiesAny sport possible, working out and playing video games.
Favorite QuoteIt might not look it but I’m fast as hell, I dare you to run. While on patrol Officers Hollingsworth and Bolton observe a vehicle known to have an extensive criminal history blow a stop sign. They attempt to

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