Captain Landsberg, of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, while on patrol comes across what appears to be a disabled vehicle parked in the middle of the busy street.  When Captain Landsberg approaches the vehicle there is a women passed out behind the wheel, windows up, doors locked, and her foot on resting on the gas pedal with the car in drive.  Captain Landsberg is cautious not to startle the woman because the car could start moving with her unconscious behind the wheel.  He taps on the window until he awakens her but she is groggy and the car starts rolling down the rode. Captain Landsberg attempts to stop the forward motion of the vehicle desperately trying to get her attention to stop the car and put it in park.  She comes to… and stops the car, but when she recognizes the situation she’s in she takes off.  Captain Landsberg begins to pursue, and the woman stops at the next red light.  Captain Landsberg takes the woman into custody where she claims to have had only “two” beers but fails all sobriety tests and is taken to jail for DUI. 

NameBrett Landsberg
AgencyPasco Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandPatrol Operations / District 1
FromNew York City / Long Island
Why Law EnforcementStarted in the jail as Detention Deputy for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in July, 1988, put myself through the crossover academy to get certified in law enforcement, then joined the Pasco Sheriff’s Office.
First ArrestI pulled a young man over for speeding. His license was suspended multiple times. I arrested him for that. After he was put in the back of the cruiser, he said, “You must be new here. My uncle works with you guys.” I met up with his uncle later and he was a deputy with us. I was brand new and apologized for arresting his nephew. He said, “You did your job. Besides, that little so-and-so needed to go to jail. It’s about time somebody arrested him!”
Best part of the jobAs a Captain, now facing promotion to Major, I can truly mentor others, remain approachable to all, and believe that together we can all move the agency forward. We Fight As One!
HobbiesI like traveling with my family, spending time with friends, an avid Trekker  (Star Trek fan), and riding my motorcycle.
Favorite Quote“Yes, I know how much you pay in taxes, and I just want to thank you for these new boots.” Deputy McCann initiates a traffic stop on a vehicle that is seen leaving a hotel known for drugs and prostitution. Deputy McCann talks to the driver who is visibly nervous

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