Officer Cassie McHale, of the Fort Myers Police Department spots a vehicle failing to stop at a stop sign. As she attempts to stop the vehicle, the driver pulls into driveway, jumps out and flees on foot. Officer McHale chases suspect, and K-9 is brought in. The suspect is located after a 25 minute foot pursuit and K-9 assistance. A substantial amount of marijuana in baggies is found in the suspects vehicle, along with money and a credit card. The suspect denies being in the vehicle. When the suspect denies being the person fleeing from the vehicle, officer McCale shows suspect his credit card with his name on it that was found in the vehicle. He continues to deny being in vehicle saying Quote “That’s my name, but it’s never been Used”. The suspect is arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sell, warrants and the moving violation.

NameCassie McHale
RankPolice Officer
AgencyFort Myers Police Department
Station/Area Command 
FromArcadia, FL
Why Law EnforcementI was attending college for forensic science and had a couple professors who were in law enforcement. After speaking with them about the job and all it entailed, I knew that it was the perfect career for me.
First ArrestMy first arrest, while in FTO, was a domestic violence incident. The female called for help after being assaulted by her boyfriend. When we arrived the male had already fled from the scene. The report was completed and a “pick up” was issued for the male. A few hours later, we received a call that the male was back at the apartment. When we arrived on scene, the male attempted to flee but was apprehended. After we placed him in handcuffs, we located cocaine in his pocket. The male stated that the pants he was wearing weren’t his, and that someone planted the cocaine there. As a first arrest, I was able to experience a variety of what we deal with on a daily basis and understand that every call isn’t routine.
Best part of the jobJustice.
HobbiesMountain biking, watching scary movies,  going to Disney World, adrenaline junkie, beachin’, music.
Favorite QuoteBetter to fight for something than live for nothing. Deputy Adrian Thompson races to backup Deputy Aubrey Raymond who has initiated a pursuit of a stolen car. Raymond was flagged down by the victim who

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