Corporal Royce Rodgers of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, is dispatched to a call of a neighbor dispute. One neighbor had kittens that were playing too close to the street and neighbors across the street were concerned that they would get run over. The owner of the kittens was mad at neighbors and had told them to mind their own business. Cpl. Rodgers tries to mend bridges but the owner of the kittens was having none of it. After numerous attempts to unsuccessfully reconcile dispute, Cpl. Rodgers advises both parties to stay away from one another.

Corporal Royce Rodgers of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, is dispatched to a call of an assault with a knife. Cpl. Rodgers arrives on scene and finds a group of males who have suspect pinned to ground in the middle of the street. The knife turns out to be a razor blade and the female suspect has sliced the victims calf wide open. The suspect admits to cutting victim and also being on cocaine. Victim had previously accused suspect of stealing her tablet and later the suspect threw rocks through victims trailer windows. The victims friends were the ones detaining suspect in street and had also received cuts and bites. The suspect was charged with 2 counts of aggravated battery and is transported t to jail.

NameRoyce Rodgers
AgencyPasco Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandDistrict 3
FromAtlanta, Georgia
Why Law EnforcementI needed a late summer semester social science class at Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan, and the only one available was Criminology. I took it and without ever cracking a book, I achieved 100% in the class. I followed that up the next semester with Introduction to Criminal Justice, just to make sure I really liked that field as much as I thought. I again scored 100% in the class and entered the police academy, realizing I finally found a career path which came easily to me and I enjoyed!
First ArrestI can’t remember.
Best part of the job 
HobbiesMy time is precious to me, so I value it greatly! On days off, I lift weights at the gym, then come home and play with my dog. She definitely missed me when I’m gone at work, so I spend lots of time with her when at home.
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