Officer Askisi Baker is dispatched to a shots fired call. Officer Baker arrives and speaks to witnesses who say a white male fired a gun into the street and drove off in a black pick-up truck. Officer Baker interviews a woman at the home where the incident occurred. She claims that she got into an argument with her room mates boyfriend. She says he was smoking in the house and she told him to leave. The argument escalated and the male fired a small gun inside the bed room then stormed out firing another shot in the ground. After getting info,  Officer Beals sees the black pickup drive up. The male suspect is taken out at gun point and put in the back of a cruiser. Officers recover a small handgun within reach of the driver.  The male driver admits he fired the weapon because the female would not shut up. Suspect is charged with possession of marijuana and reckless conduct.

NameAskisi Baker
RankPatrol Officer
AgencySavannah Chatham Metropolitian Police
Station/Area CommandCentral Precinct
FromSavannah, Ga
Why Law EnforcementI joined law enforcement with hopes of becoming a detective
First ArrestMy first arrest involved a foot chase. I attempted to stop a subject and he fled on foot. I gave chase and caught the subject in a lane. He ran because he had a warrant, and drug paraphernalia
Best part of the jobThe best part about the job for me is being able to deal with people from all walks of life.
HobbiesOutside of work I like to I like read, listen to music, and spend time with family.
Favorite QuoteShow on time, go home safe.

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