Officers Joseph and George see a vehicle driving erratically. When they attempt to pull it over it speeds up , which leads to a short car chase. Once car comes to a stop, officers apprehended suspect at gun point. Car is searched, and nothing is found. When asked why he ran, suspect began reciting his philosophical views on life, and that he did not feel like dealing with cops at that moment in time. Suspect is arrested for driving while suspended, and the car chase.

NameJeffrey George
RankPolice Officer
AgencyDes Moines Iowa Police Department
Station/Area CommandWest Side
FromBurlington Iowa
Why Law EnforcementAlways wanted to be a cop. I served in the Marine Corps for 4 years after high school then went to Western Illinois University for my Bachelors Degree in Law Enforcement. During that time I applied to approximately 14 different departments from Louisville to Kansas City to Des Moines. Obviously Des Moines hired me first and here I am.
First ArrestAbout two hours into my first shift with my FTO we found a drunk guy passed out in the snow. The guy was pretty lit so we hooked him up for public intox.
Best part of the jobThe randomness that every night can bring.
HobbiesEnjoy spending time with my wife and two dogs in the outdoors.
Favorite Quote“The truth will set you free” Officers Jordan Brandt and Nick Yarpe, of the Omaha Police Department respond to a radio call of a carjacking that has just occurred. Officers get behind the

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