Officers Jordan Brandt and Nick Yarpe, of the Omaha Police Department respond to a radio call of a carjacking that has just occurred. Officers get behind the vehicle, and a pursuit ensues. The vehicle wrecks into a tree and two of the four suspects flee on foot.  Officers Brandt and Yarpe apprehend both of the fleeing suspects.  Three of the four suspects are found to be minors and parents are called to the scene. 

NameJordan Brandt
RankPolice Officer
AgencyOmaha Police Department
Station/Area CommandNortheast
Why Law EnforcementMy dad was a Police Officer for 9 years before changing teams full time to the Fire Department.  I also have an aunt that has been a Police Officer for over 30 years.
First ArrestI don’t remember my first arrest but my most memorable arrest was in January of 2013.  I was driving around looking for robbery suspects from a neighboring city when I came upon different robbery/kidnapping suspects that had just kidnapped a couple from a west Omaha gym and forced them into separate vehicles at gunpoint and forced them to withdraw money from an ATM.  I was reading the call details on my in car computer when I realized the suspect vehicle description was at the gas station across the street from me.  I radioed in to other officers that I was observing the suspects that were inside the gas station.  As one suspect exited the gas station we quickly coordinated a takedown and was able to take three suspects into custody before they could flee the gas station despite the driver throwing the car into reverse in an attempt to escape.  All three suspects were arrest and charged with over 20 felonies between all of them.  We were also able to recover the victim’s property and the stolen handgun used.
Best part of the jobChasing bad guys.
Favorite Quote“Good guys won today.” Officers Britten and Moore of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department attempt a car stop on a vehicle that has just left a known drug house

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