Deputy Wes Fancher is dispatched to a domestic where a very animated older women admits she hit her husband during a mutual battery over mortgage money that was spent on booze.

NameWes Fancher
RankDeputy Sheriff
AgencyNye County Sheriffs Office
Station/Area CommandSouthern Area Command
FromLas Vegas, NV
Why Law EnforcementI always liked exciting jobs. I worked at a stunt show in Vegas and a couple of guys I worked with became cops and they loved it. I applied at Nye County where I lived for a while and got the job. I love my job.
First ArrestCant remember my very first arrest but my first “real” arresting experience was when I arrested an 86 yr old lady who beat up her husband. She fought me against the hood of my car and swung her purse at me. It was very awkward because I couldnt be “too aggressive” with an elderly lady. She gave me a run for my money and fought till the last cuff was on.
Best part of the jobThe respect you get. As a cop you cant enter into a store or any public place without someone telling you “hi” or asking you how your day was. I really like being in public and working with people.
HobbiesI like to lift weights and play the guitar for a christian church I attend.
Favorite QuoteIts a very popular saying but cant ignore the significance of it – “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by six.”

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