Officer Kevin Schnell responds to a dispatch call of a Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper who is in pursuit of a vehicle, and is asking Independence PD to assist. Officer Schnell joins the pursuit of the pickup, that now has 2 tires blown out. After a slow pursuit, the driver bails out and is taken down by the trooper and Independence Police. The driver admits that what he did was wrong and that he could have killed someone.

NameKevin C. Schnell
RankPatrol Officer
AgencyIndependence Missouri Police Department
Station/Area CommandSouth Patrol
FromBenicia, CA
Why Law EnforcementI had a father figure who was a police officer in the city where I grew up. His son (my best friend) went to college and became a Police Officer as well. Not having the money for college I chose a different route and enlisted in the United States Army. What started out as three years of serving my country, turned into 10 glorious years. But after 10 years of being deployed to various locations Around the world and missing out on practically every family related event, I left the service and sought after a law enforcement career, keeping me close to home and fulfilling my childhood ambition.
First ArrestI don’t recall my first arrest 10 years ago but, I do remember my first call for service. It was a home invasion just two blocks east of the East zone Police station in Kansas City, Missouri. It is too gory and inappropriate to discuss but I will say it did remind me of Somalia and THAT, I was trained for.
Best part of the jobMy absolute favorite part of the job is hunting “The Wolf”. But, it’s far more gratifying working as a team to catch that “Wolf”.  Every officer has some form of skill set to bring to the team. I find it very rewarding to complete any given task at the highest standard and completing that task as a unit. It builds morale, self-confidence and comradery.
HobbiesFitness is a very important part of the job. For that reason, I spend a good portion of my spare time doing things to keep me fit such as weightlifting, CrossFit, trail riding and good old fashion running. All my other time it’s typically devoted to my family.
Favorite Quote

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