Officer Lewis and Officer Lindsey respond to a call of a man yelling at and banging on cars at a gas station. Once they arrive they see the suspect on the phone very upset. Officers make contact with the suspect who turns out to be quite a character. He says he was just fired from his job which got him all fired up. It’s pretty clear he’s high on something and doesn’t give us consent to search his vehicle. K-9 unit is called out and a positive hit is made on his vehicle. After searching, heroine is found inside along with Viagra pills which makes for a humorous response from our suspect. He’s booked for disorderly conduct.

NameRoy Lewis
AgencyGlendale, AZ Police Department
Station/Area Command 
Why Law EnforcementAlways knew I wanted to be the police growing up. My dad retired from the Chicago Fire Department as a Batallian Chief so Public service is in my blood.
First Arrest 
Best part of the jobNot many people can say they go to work and make a difference in the community. I love my job because I go to work everyday trying to make a difference in the world.
HobbiesFishing, golfing, working out and playing sports.
Favorite Quote

“Look at you. Now look at me. Now look at you. Who do you think you should listen to?”

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