Officers Osborne and Pledger observe a suspicious vehicle parked in a business lot after hours. They make contact with the driver and passenger which both appear to be nervous. Officer Osborne asks if there are any drugs or weapons inside to which the passenger replies with “marijuana”. A large jar with 2 bags of weed is pulled out and the passenger says he has a medical marijuana card. He’s then told to step out of the vehicle and is searched further for drugs. A satchel is found on the suspect and removed. After searching inside the satchel meth, heroin and other drug paraphernalia is found. The passenger admits it’s all his and he just got done smoking meth inside the vehicle with the drivers 4 year old in the back seat. Mom is also questioned about the drugs inside the vehicle, she claims none are hers and she admits it wasn’t a smart choice having him smoke meth with her daughter present in the car. Male passenger is charged with the narcotics and booked.

Glendale Arizona Police Officer Brian Osborne conducts a traffic stop on a vehicle for speeding. When questioned about having drugs the two occupants of the vehicle claim they don’t have any drugs or weapons on them. A search of the vehicle reveals articles of drug paraphernalia. Officer Osborne then searches the driver and finds heroin hidden in his sock. The driver is arrested and taken into custody.

NameBrian J. Osborne
RankPatrol Officer
AgencyGlendale Police Department, AZ
Station/Area CommandFoothills (Beat 41)
FromSuburb of Detroit Rock City
Why Law EnforcementAfter a career in sales at 100% commission I felt more stress then I have in my life. People say being a Cop is stressful, try relying on one sale to determine if you will be able to pay your mortgage this month. This job is a true blessing for me and has always been my calling.
First ArrestMy very first call for service with my FTO I had to pull my gun on a transient living in a lady’s shed in her backyard.
Best part of the jobI truly enjoy hunting the Wolves that pray on the individuals I swore to protect. Besides, It’s a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.
HobbiesI enjoy time consuming projects at the house, working out, fish tanks, and mountain biking.
Favorite Quote“whatever your thinkin, re think it!”

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