Officer Edward Alleman responds to a robbery call at a local convenience store. He makes contact with two women who informed him that one of them had been robbed at gunpoint and pistol whipped. Officers were able to ID the robbers on the store’s security cameras and later stopped the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect, a convicted felon, was ID’d on the scene and taken to jail.

Lafayette Police Officer Edward Alleman responds to a “shots fired” call in the area. While searching the neighborhood he encounters a suspicious person on a bike and initiates a stop. As soon as the suspect walks to the front of Officer Alleman’s vehicle the suspect suddenly spins around and makes a run for it. Officer Alleman tackles him immediately and the fight is on. The suspect, on crack and other substances, does not comply. Backup arrives, and the suspect is finally taken into custody after a hearty struggle.

NameEdward Alleman
RankPolice Officer
AgencyLafayette Police Department
Station/Area CommandPrecinct 1
FromLafayette, LA
Why Law EnforcementI’ve always loved helping people and have always been interested in law enforcement. I began with ride alongs and knew that this was the career for me.
First ArrestMy first arrest was for an attempted simple burglary of a vehicle. The suspect was observed attempting to make entry into several vehicles. I located the suspect and was able to make the arrest.
Best part of the job 
HobbiesMusic, exercising, martial arts, and living life
Favorite Quote“It is what it is.” Hidlebaugh stops three individuals, because the driver has a warrant. They turn out to be regulars in the area who buy heroin. After getting

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