Officers Fox and Collier stop a car driven by a male for a traffic violation. Driver has a meth pipe in his pocket. The female passenger claims the pipe is hers and the male was simply holding the pipe for her after a nice day at the pool. The female passenger tells officers that she hid some meth under the front passenger seat. K9 comes out to double check the vehicle. No additional narcotics are located. Female goes to jail for violating her probation and for possession of the meth. Male driver is released.

Officers Collier and Fox stop a male adult on a bike with no light. The suspect stops his bike, talks with Officers for a few seconds and then decides to make a run for it. Officers quickly grab the suspect and struggle briefly with him while they cuff him. Turns out suspect attempted to flee due to a 50k warrant he had for an assault case.

NameNic Fox
AgencySacramento Police Department
Station/Area CommandSouth Patrol
FromSan Mateo, CA
Why Law EnforcementI was a Resident Advisor in collage at San Diego State. I worked a lot with law enforcement and went on a ride a long with the officers their. I decided it was really what I wanted to do. I enjoy the ability to help the community feel safe and thrive.
First ArrestMy first arrest was of a drunk male who was at the social security office claiming that he had a gun. When we contacted him he was fairly hostile and aggressive. Turns out he did not have a gun on him but was actually so intoxicated he had forgotten he had already gotten his social security check. He thought that the social security office had withheld his check from him and he was very angry. He was a constant problem there and so we took him to jail to sober up.
Best part of the jobI think the best part of this job is working with my partner and a good group of friends. The comradery both at work and away from work makes everyday enjoyable. I enjoy what I do and I look forward to it everyday.
HobbiesI like to wakeboard, snowboard and snowmobile. I really enjoy quality time with my family and friends. I also enjoy working on my house and doing small home improvement projects.
Favorite QuoteKeep calm and Chive on Patrolman Jessica Hutnik responds to a call involving animal abuse. Upon arrival Hutnik makes contact with an African-American male. After some quick questioning, the

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