Officers Fox and Collier stop a car driven by a male for a traffic violation. Driver has a meth pipe in his pocket. The female passenger claims the pipe is hers and the male was simply holding the pipe for her after a nice day at the pool. The female passenger tells officers that she hid some meth under the front passenger seat. K9 comes out to double check the vehicle. No additional narcotics are located. Female goes to jail for violating her probation and for possession of the meth. Male driver is released.

Officers Collier and Fox stop a male adult on a bike with no light. The suspect stops his bike, talks with Officers for a few seconds and then decides to make a run for it. Officers quickly grab the suspect and struggle briefly with him while they cuff him. Turns out suspect attempted to flee due to a 50k warrant he had for an assault case.

NameKen Collier
AgencySacramento Police Department
Station/Area CommandJERPF/South Command
Why Law EnforcementWhile getting BS degree at Sacramento State, joined SacPD as a civilian Community Service Officer and then upgraded to Police Officer after graduating college.
First ArrestI made a traffic stop on a car on my second night on patrol (ever). The front passenger in the car was on probation and had a felony burglary warrant. She was compliant, and even told me she had the warrant when I contacted her.
Best part of the jobThe best part about the job is being able to put on a thousand different “hats” everyday. The dynamic nature of the job gives me the ability to be a mediator, problem solver, leader, and any number of things I need to be to have positive interaction with the community, make a difference, and have some fun too.
HobbiesI spend a lot of time with my two children and wife. Between gym classes, swim lessons, and playing with our three dogs, we like to be on the lake and take trips up to Tahoe.
Favorite Quote“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”-Wayne Gretzky
-Michael Scott
-Ken Collier Mealing is dispatched to a residence that he is familiar with for having domestic problems. When he arrives on scene the two men that

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