CRT officers spot a wanted person walking down the street. They attempt to stop and chat with him, at which point he flees. Officer Daniel Brezik gives chase by car and foot, eventually trapping the suspect and taking him into custody. Suspect dropped a large amount of marijuana, which was later recovered.

Officer Daniel Brezik attempts to stop a fleeing motor scooter. The passenger bails off, and is immediately stopped by a parked car. Officer Brezik continues to pursue the driver; who eventually dumps the scooter and flees on foot. After a brief foot pursuit and later K-9 search, subject surrendered to Officer Brezik without further incident.

NameDaniel Brezik
RankPatrol Officer
AgencyIndianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Station/Area CommandEast District
FromBeech Grove, IN
Why Law EnforcementMy father has been a police officer for over 25 years. During my last year of college I began weighing my options and chose a career in law enforcement.
First Arrest 
Best part of the job 
Favorite Quote“Today just isn’t your day.” While on patrol Officers Hollingsworth and Bolton observe a vehicle known to have an extensive criminal history blow a stop sign. They attempt to

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