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SITTIN’ IN THE DARK/June 27th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE

Cops nab a suspect who tries to escape by hiding in plain sight. A man fires away when he believes his dog is in danger. Paramedics are called when an officer encounters a distraught woman and her catatonic partner.

EP-2802 / Viewer discretion is advised

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ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS Show 2803 Tue, 30 Jun 2015 02:02:42 +0000

ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / July 11th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!


woman bursts into tears when her boyfriend gets pulled over by police. During a sketchy traffic stop, one nervous passenger is quick to cooperate with deputies. A suspect blames the contents of his wallet on a stranger.

EP-2803 / Viewer discretion is advised

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Officer Cassie McHale – Fort Myers Police Department Sun, 28 Jun 2015 08:28:49 +0000

c2802a1ThumbOfficer Cassie McHale, of the Fort Myers Police Department spots a vehicle failing to stop at a stop sign. As she attempts to stop the vehicle, the driver pulls into driveway, jumps out and flees on foot. Officer McHale chases suspect, and K-9 is brought in. The suspect is located after a 25 minute foot pursuit and K-9 assistance. A substantial amount of marijuana in baggies is found in the suspects vehicle, along with money and a credit card. The suspect denies being in the vehicle. When the suspect denies being the person fleeing from the vehicle, officer McCale shows suspect his credit card with his name on it that was found in the vehicle. He continues to deny being in vehicle saying Quote “That’s my name, but it’s never been Used”. The suspect is arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sell, warrants and the moving violation.

NameCassie McHale
RankPolice Officer
AgencyFort Myers Police Department
Station/Area Command
FromArcadia, FL
Why Law EnforcementI was attending college for forensic science and had a couple professors who were in law enforcement. After speaking with them about the job and all it entailed, I knew that it was the perfect career for me.
First ArrestMy first arrest, while in FTO, was a domestic violence incident. The female called for help after being assaulted by her boyfriend. When we arrived the male had already fled from the scene. The report was completed and a “pick up” was issued for the male. A few hours later, we received a call that the male was back at the apartment. When we arrived on scene, the male attempted to flee but was apprehended. After we placed him in handcuffs, we located cocaine in his pocket. The male stated that the pants he was wearing weren’t his, and that someone planted the cocaine there. As a first arrest, I was able to experience a variety of what we deal with on a daily basis and understand that every call isn’t routine.
Best part of the jobJustice.
HobbiesMountain biking, watching scary movies,  going to Disney World, adrenaline junkie, beachin’, music.
Favorite QuoteBetter to fight for something than live for nothing.
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Deputy Charles Gulikers – Maricopa County Sheriffs Office Sun, 28 Jun 2015 08:27:40 +0000

c2802b1Deputy Charles Gulikers of the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office responds to a shots fired call in Progress.  He arrives on scene at a local swapmeet lot where a felony take down is unfolding, all parties are detained and the story is sorted out.  The argument began over mixed words regarding a poodle named, “Pebbles”, climaxing into a revolver being fired at the passing wayfaring stranger.  The shooter goes to jail and the Cowboy walks away.  

NameCharles Gulikers
RankDeputy Sheriff
AgencyMaricopa County Sheriffs Office
Station/Area CommandDistrict 3 Patrol
FromOklahoma City, OK
Why Law EnforcementWhen I was a kid, I always had an interest in law enforcement. I always looked up to police officers and thought they had an interesting job. Several of my family members in Oklahoma are police officers which influenced my decision to into police work.
First ArrestMy first arrest was an assault between two neighbors. I was so lost on what to do as my FTO stood by watching and giving a small smile as he watched me fumble through the investigation. When I wrote the report I should have just written it in crayon due to how bad it was with all the corrections that it returned to me with.
Best part of the jobI love coming to work each day and not knowing how the day will go. Nice and slow or slammed packed moving from one emergency to another. I love not having the same routine day in and day out. Meeting new people and some interesting characters are always entertaining.
HobbiesMy time outside of work is mostly spent with family and friends. I love taking vacations even if it’s only driving a few hours away. I’m also a gamer and hit the Xbox as much as I can if I’m not running errands or going to court.
Favorite Quote“In God we trust. All others we run through NCIC.”
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Deputy Nick Carmack – Pasco Sheriff’s Office Sun, 28 Jun 2015 08:27:30 +0000 c2802c1ThumbDeputy Nick Carmack, of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office is dispatched to a man down call behind a business.  When Deputy Carmack arrives he encounters a distraught female screaming her boyfriend is dead.  The boyfriend is breathing with a light pulse, and is unresponsive with his eyes wide open. The girlfriend is freaking out and admits to previous drug use.  While the boyfriend makes a miraculous recovery, the girlfriend decides she is leaving.  She has to be physically detained to complete the investigation.  She openly admits to her meth being in a Winnie the Poo bag under the passenger seat.  She is arrested and boyfriend, after being checked out by medics, is free to go about his evening.

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COPS – Full Episode 2801 Wed, 24 Jun 2015 19:55:00 +0000

CATS AND DOGS/June 20th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE

An armed trespasser uses a young dog as a shield. A woman under the influence goes on a rampage, tearing into homes and people. A cat lady calls the cops when her neighbors get nosy.

EP-2801 / Viewer discretion is advised

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ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS Show 2802 Mon, 22 Jun 2015 13:07:45 +0000

ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / June 27th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!


Cops nab a suspect who tries to escape by hiding in plain sight. A man fires away when he believes his dog is in danger. Paramedics are called when an officer encounters a distraught woman and her catatonic partner.

EP-2802 / Viewer discretion is advised

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Corporal Royce Rodgers – Pasco Sheriff’s Office Mon, 22 Jun 2015 12:02:25 +0000

c2801b1Corporal Royce Rodgers of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, is dispatched to a call of a neighbor dispute. One neighbor had kittens that were playing too close to the street and neighbors across the street were concerned that they would get run over. The owner of the kittens was mad at neighbors and had told them to mind their own business. Cpl. Rodgers tries to mend bridges but the owner of the kittens was having none of it. After numerous attempts to unsuccessfully reconcile dispute, Cpl. Rodgers advises both parties to stay away from one another.


Corporal Royce Rodgers of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, is dispatched to a call of an assault with a knife. Cpl. Rodgers arrives on scene and finds a group of males who have suspect pinned to ground in the middle of the street. The knife turns out to be a razor blade and the female suspect has sliced the victims calf wide open. The suspect admits to cutting victim and also being on cocaine. Victim had previously accused suspect of stealing her tablet and later the suspect threw rocks through victims trailer windows. The victims friends were the ones detaining suspect in street and had also received cuts and bites. The suspect was charged with 2 counts of aggravated battery and is transported t to jail.

NameRoyce Rodgers
AgencyPasco Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandDistrict 3
FromAtlanta, Georgia
Why Law EnforcementI needed a late summer semester social science class at Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan, and the only one available was Criminology. I took it and without ever cracking a book, I achieved 100% in the class. I followed that up the next semester with Introduction to Criminal Justice, just to make sure I really liked that field as much as I thought. I again scored 100% in the class and entered the police academy, realizing I finally found a career path which came easily to me and I enjoyed!
First ArrestI can’t remember.
Best part of the job
HobbiesMy time is precious to me, so I value it greatly! On days off, I lift weights at the gym, then come home and play with my dog. She definitely missed me when I’m gone at work, so I spend lots of time with her when at home.
Favorite Quote“I know my rights!”
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Deputy Brian Templeton – Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Mon, 22 Jun 2015 12:00:54 +0000

c2801a1ThumbDeputy Brian Templeton of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department responds to a call of domestic violence at apartment. A man has barricaded himself inside an apartment after locking his girlfriend and her mother out. Contact is made with the suspect through the front door, but he refuses to open door. The suspect then negotiates with officers through side window, officers then notice a knife and dog inside residence with suspect. Suspect tells officers that the dog will attack if ordered to. The suspect then exits through window with the dog, and refuses to cooperate and uses the dog as a shield against officers who have guns and tasers drawn on suspect. Finally the suspect sets the dog set free, and the suspect is taken into custody and arrested after a brief struggle. Deputies check on the dog who is unharmed. 

NameBrian Templeton
RankDeputy Sheriff
AgencySacramento County Sheriff Department
Station/Area CommandNorth Patrol
FromNorth Highlands, California
Why Law EnforcementI was ways interested in law enforcement, starting as a kid playing cops and robbers.  After high school, I took classes at a local junior college and study criminal justice.  I tested with the Sheriff’s Department and was accepted as a recruit.  After graduating from the academy, I worked as a reserve Deputy Sheriff for a while, then I was hired full time.
First ArrestI don’t remember my very first arrest, but one of the first was a man who had stolen a power drill from a hardware store. He had tried to run from security and been tackled outside the store.  He was adamant he hadn’t stolen anything however he had a power cord running out the front fly of his pants with the polarized plug by his knees.
Best part of the jobMaking (or trying to make) order out of chaotic situations.  I enjoy meeting different people and trying to help those who need it.  I like the fact that each day brings a new challenge and after almost 20 years, I still see things that make you go hmm daily.
HobbiesFamily time, assistant scoutmaster for my son’s scout troop, target shooting, hunting and trying to fish
Favorite QuoteI think you might be being deceitful because I see your lips moving…(used at the appropriate time of course)
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ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS Show 2801 Mon, 15 Jun 2015 17:11:35 +0000

ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / June 20th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!


An armed trespasser uses a young dog as a shield. A woman under the influence goes on a rampage, tearing into homes and people. A cat lady calls the cops when her neighbors get nosy.

EP-2801 / Viewer discretion is advised

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