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c2833bthumbOfficer Batchelor responds to a call regarding a female who is “licking the sidewalk”. At the scene, he finds the young lady in the parking lot of a 7-11. After speaking with the female for a minute or two, she states that she has to use the restroom then takes off running. Officer Batchelor catches up to the female and takes her to the ground. She then scratches Officer Batchelor’s arm in the struggle. The young lady goes to jail for being under the influence, running, and assault on LEO.


NameMichael Batchelor
Station/Area CommandEast side
Why Law EnforcementDid special operations in military when I got out I thought it was an honorable profession.
First ArrestI don’t know, it was a long time ago.
Best part of the jobWorking with community kids and of course getting the bad guys.
HobbiesMMA, fast cars, working out and visiting new places.
Favorite Quote“It’s not our successes that define us but how we react to adversity.”
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Officer Christopher Garcia – Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Tue, 26 Apr 2016 16:32:47 +0000

c2832c1otfthumbOfficer Garcia backed up a call where a man blew out a tire on his friend’s car after he had been drinking. Officers could not place the intoxicated man in the car, so he eventually gets let go. Unfortunately, the owner of the car arrives on scene and it is apparent he too has been drinking. While talking to both men, one says they were just roommates for 13 year, while the other says that they’re lovers. In the end, the owner of both cars is arrested for DUI and his friend that created the call is let go.

NameChristopher Garcia
Station/Area CommandSEAC
FromAlbuquerque, NM
Why Law EnforcementAlways wanted to be a cop since I was a kid. Once I graduated from college, I had a few friends in law enforcement and they pushed me to apply. Once I applied and was in, I never looked back.
First ArrestMy first arrest was domestic violence related.
Best part of the jobHelping those that can’t help themselves.
HobbiesSpend time with my family and work on my truck.
Favorite Quote“It’s all fun and games till the cops get called”
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Sidewalk Licker, Show 2833, COPS TV SHOW Mon, 25 Apr 2016 19:18:38 +0000

ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / April 30th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!

“Sidewalk Licker

Two very different troublemakers get caught up in a prostitution sting. A cop quickly finds his hands full when he questions a cagey lady. An argument in a parking lot draws the attention of a vigilant patrol officer.

EP-2833 / Viewer discretion is advised

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Officer Scott Sutton – Salinas Police Department Tue, 19 Apr 2016 16:56:00 +0000


c2831b1thumbOfficer Sutton spots an occupied stolen vehicle attempting to pull over and park. As he gets out to make contact with the driver, the driver takes off running leaving his female passenger in the car. During the foot chase the suspect jumps over a wooden fence. After making it over the fence Sutton spots the suspect hiding behind a pickup truck and takes him down at gunpoint. He’s arrested with multiple warrants and a bit of meth on him. Responding Officers spot the female passenger down the road and detain her, she is questioned about the stolen vehicle. She claims she was just getting a ride home from the suspect and didn’t know him or that the car was stolen. She’s charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

NameScott Sutton
AgencySalinas Police Department
Station/Area CommandSalinas
Why Law EnforcementAs a child I watched COPS which inspired me. I also had 4 neighbors that were Officers and they would take me on ride alongs.
First ArrestI saw a man riding his bike without a bike light at night. When I stopped him, I learned that he was on parole. I conducted a parole search and found drugs on him.
Best part of the jobThe people I work with make this job a lot of fun.
HobbiesI travel a lot and spend most of my time off seeing new places. I also have a business making custom men’s shirts and suits.
Favorite QuoteWork harder on yourself than you do on your job. You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour. – Jim Rohn
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No Helmet, No Ride, Show 2832, COPS TV SHOW Mon, 18 Apr 2016 17:20:27 +0000

ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / April 23rd @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!

“No Helmet, No Ride

A lack of safety equipment calls attention to a lawbreaker. After a man waves a gun around, officers search homes in the surrounding area. Suspects detained after a car crash have trouble explaining how they know each other.

EP-2832 / Viewer discretion is advised

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Officer Mike Carroll – Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Mon, 11 Apr 2016 20:01:51 +0000

c2830a1thumOfficer Mike Carroll arrives on a call in which a man calls from a payphone and says he wants contact from the police. The man said he has a knife and when the officers contact the man it is apparent he was telling the truth. The man is ordered to put down the knife, but instead starts to walk across a large parking lot towards a fast food restaurant. While Carroll has a taser trained on the suspect, Officer Ortiz is following with her gun drawn. The officers repeatedly order the man to put down his weapon, which he does after back up shows up with a less lethal shot gun. The man says he has been homeless for a long time without any needed support to help him work through his problems. He is then taken away for more thorough evaluation.

NameMike Carroll
Station/Area Commandse31/seac
FromNew York
Why Law EnforcementI was a police officer in the air force
First Arrest17 years ago, stolen car
Best part of the jobRuining the career of a criminal
HobbiesBasketball, spending time with family, traveling, camping and hitting the trails on an ATV
Favorite Quote“You can beat the rap but you can’t beat the ride”
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Carjacked Up, Show 2831, COPS TV SHOW Mon, 11 Apr 2016 16:37:38 +0000

ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / April 16th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!

“Carjacked Up

An armed suspect’s bloody state takes officers by surprise. The driver of a stolen car bails when he is pulled over. Officers apprehend several suspects after they spot a pair of carjacked vehicles.

EP-2831 / Viewer discretion is advised

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Officer Roberto Medina – Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Tue, 23 Feb 2016 01:42:59 +0000

c2829c1thumb Roberto Medina spots two men who appear to be engaged in some sort of verbal argument. One of the men is carrying a large box and looks to be trying to avoid the other man. Medina makes contact with the men and learns that the box-carrying individual was refusing to give a cellphone to the other individual. The men explain that they are boyfriends and one of them was attempting to keep the other from contacting a former lover. Medina asks the men if either of them have warrants or an arrest record and one of the men states that he has been arrested for prostitution and has a warrant for petty larceny. He further explains that he went to court but while signing up, defecated on himself and left in embarrassment. While Medina waits for backup and runs the men, the lovers quarrel, professing their love and saying they will never speak to each other again. Medina, waiting for backup, finds out that the men have been in a tumultuous relationship for 5 years and have both cheated on each other with the same man. One of them disappeared for three hours and was found getting a pedicure from their former lover. The incident tonight started because of those same trust issues. When backup arrives, the box is searched and found to contain various books and puzzles. No thefts were recently reported in the area. The man with the warrant is cuffed and placed into the police car while his boyfriend breaks down in tears.

NameRoberto Medina
Station/Area CommandBolden Area Command
FromSan Diego
Why Law EnforcementI knew I wanted to be a police officer since the age of 3.
First ArrestI don’t remember my first arrest
Best part of the jobThe satisfaction of getting bad guys  and taking guns off the street.
HobbiesI like to run, ride my CBR1000rr, and watching movies.
Favorite QuoteI don’t try to ruin people’s life, I just hold them accountable for their actions.
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Trouble in Paradise, Show 2830, COPS TV SHOW Mon, 22 Feb 2016 20:53:36 +0000

ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / April 9th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!

“Trouble in Paradise

A homeless man decides to test the police when he thinks there’s no escape. Good Samaritans catch a man breaking into their neighbor’s car. Officers do their best to resolve a dispute between newlyweds.

EP-2830 / Viewer discretion is advised

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Officer Patrick High – Stockton Police Department Mon, 15 Feb 2016 17:46:17 +0000

c2828a1ThumbOfficers Hachler and High spot a motorcycle with no plates. They initiate a traffic stop, and a pursuit ensues. Updates on the motorcycles whereabouts are received via Officers operating city cameras. The chase comes to an end after the suspect pulls into a business parking lot and dumps the bike. He is then taken into custody. Officer Parker later finds the motorcycle ditched in the nursery. The mother and sister of the suspect arrive and are hysterical. In a strange turn of events, the manager of the Walgreens recognizes them as shoplifters. They are then confronted and told not to return to the store or they will be arrested as well. The owner of the bike later shows up to reclaim his property. The suspect is transported to jail for the stolen motorcycle, fleeing the police, and a warrant for his arrest.

NamePatrick High
AgencyStockton Police Department
Station/Area Command
FromLived all over the U.S. my family currently lives in North Carolina
Why Law EnforcementWhile studying agricultural economics at East Carolina University I had the opportunity to meet officers from the University who were very positive about their career. Also, my wife’s family had several members who where officers and recommended law enforcement as a career. I was hired by Stockton in 2007 and they sponsored me through the academy.
First Arrest
Best part of the job
HobbiesI have a small farm with a few animals and a lot of big plans.
Favorite QuoteEndurance is when everyone else has quit or failed and you are in a fight with yourself to finish.
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