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ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / September 12th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!

“Dead End Dash

One suspect takes his chances in a ravine after he leads deputies to a dead end. A quick vehicle search turns a family outing into a trip to the slammer. The cops inspect a domestic disturbance between a dad and his teenage son.

EP-2809 / Viewer discretion is advised

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Captain Brett Landsberg – Pasco Sheriff’s Office Tue, 25 Aug 2015 16:02:04 +0000

c2808a1ThumbCaptain Landsberg, of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, while on patrol comes across what appears to be a disabled vehicle parked in the middle of the busy street.  When Captain Landsberg approaches the vehicle there is a women passed out behind the wheel, windows up, doors locked, and her foot on resting on the gas pedal with the car in drive.  Captain Landsberg is cautious not to startle the woman because the car could start moving with her unconscious behind the wheel.  He taps on the window until he awakens her but she is groggy and the car starts rolling down the rode. Captain Landsberg attempts to stop the forward motion of the vehicle desperately trying to get her attention to stop the car and put it in park.  She comes to… and stops the car, but when she recognizes the situation she’s in she takes off.  Captain Landsberg begins to pursue, and the woman stops at the next red light.  Captain Landsberg takes the woman into custody where she claims to have had only “two” beers but fails all sobriety tests and is taken to jail for DUI. 

NameBrett Landsberg
AgencyPasco Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandPatrol Operations / District 1
FromNew York City / Long Island
Why Law EnforcementStarted in the jail as Detention Deputy for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in July, 1988, put myself through the crossover academy to get certified in law enforcement, then joined the Pasco Sheriff’s Office.
First ArrestI pulled a young man over for speeding. His license was suspended multiple times. I arrested him for that. After he was put in the back of the cruiser, he said, “You must be new here. My uncle works with you guys.” I met up with his uncle later and he was a deputy with us. I was brand new and apologized for arresting his nephew. He said, “You did your job. Besides, that little so-and-so needed to go to jail. It’s about time somebody arrested him!”
Best part of the jobAs a Captain, now facing promotion to Major, I can truly mentor others, remain approachable to all, and believe that together we can all move the agency forward. We Fight As One!
HobbiesI like traveling with my family, spending time with friends, an avid Trekker  (Star Trek fan), and riding my motorcycle.
Favorite Quote“Yes, I know how much you pay in taxes, and I just want to thank you for these new boots.”



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Detective Lynn – Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Mon, 17 Aug 2015 15:20:29 +0000

c2807b2Detective Meggers and Lynn of A.C.E (Auto Crimes Enforcement) spot a stolen Honda Civic.  As they follow the stolen vehicle, waiting for more units to arrive, the Civic pulls into a gas station.  The two males in the stolen car have opposite stories, as well as needles and burglary tools in the vehicle.  Passenger is released and driver goes to jail.

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Pinky Promise, Show 2808, COPS TV Show Mon, 17 Aug 2015 15:17:08 +0000

ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / August 22nd @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!

Pinky Promise

A sleeping motorist greets deputies with a foul mood. The cops respond to reports of a suspicious person, only to uncover much more. A young woman tries to promise her way out of a trip to jail.

EP-2808 / Viewer discretion is advised

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Detective Meggers – Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Mon, 17 Aug 2015 15:09:44 +0000

c2807b1Detective Meggers and Lynn of A.C.E (Auto Crimes Enforcement) spot a stolen Honda Civic.  As they follow the stolen vehicle, waiting for more units to arrive, the Civic pulls into a gas station.  The two males in the stolen car have opposite stories, as well as needles and burglary tools in the vehicle.  Passenger is released and driver goes to jail.

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ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS Show 2807 Mon, 10 Aug 2015 20:36:45 +0000

ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / August 15th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!

“Thick as Thieves”

Officers chase a pair of car thieves through town and into the bushes. A friendship crumbles quickly when the cops begin to ask questions. A deputy stops a man who insists that he lets homeless people use his car for storage.

EP-2807 / Viewer discretion is advised

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COPS – Full Episode 2805 Mon, 10 Aug 2015 03:48:09 +0000

That’s My GrillAugust 1st @ 8/7 central on SPIKE

A handcuffed teen makes a run for it when deputies turn him over to paramedics. During a traffic stop, a suspect does his best to keep his lips sealed. An angry aunt unsuccessfully evicts her nephew and his pregnant girlfriend.

EP-2805 / Viewer discretion is advised

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Deputy Kevin Carr – Maricopa County Sheriffs Office Sun, 09 Aug 2015 22:43:59 +0000

c2806b1ThumbDeputy Carr responds to a Protection Order Violation, call details state an estranged husband is at his wife’s home and is screaming and banging on her doors. As Deputy Carr arrives and stages to wait for his backup, he hears strange howling noises from the dark dirt road and spots a figure shambling towards him. Deputy Carr radios for his backup to step it up, but the figure begins to yell and Carr is forced to deal with him alone. Luckily, the shirtless figure obeys Carr’s commands to prone out on the gravel. The suspect begs for help in a raspy voice, shouting that his wife attacked him and broke his foot and no one would help him. He points out his swollen, bootless foot and states he has all but lost his voice from screaming for help. Backup arrives and the fire department is called. The suspect tells Carr that his wife set him up by inviting him over and then slamming the door in his face and breaking his foot. His only intention was to bring her 25 dollars in gas money and some flowers and a card for Mother’s Day. Deputy Carr explains that a protection order is in place and he cannot contact her no matter if she wants it or not. Deputy Capwell and Deputy Carr confer and decide to speak to the wife before charging the man. The suspect is taken to the hospital and is further admonished by Carr for spooking him as he shambled down the dark path. Carr makes his way over to the wife’s home and determines that while she didn’t attack him, she did agree to meet with him, which is also in violation of the order. They also find a flipped over firepit and deduce that the husband must have kicked it, causing his injuries. The deputies explain that no matter what her intentions, she cannot violate the order and should figure out another solution to allowing her husband to visit with their 3 year old. The deputies retrieve the man’s wayward boot and suggest no charges will be filed tonight because they are both in the wrong.

NameKevin Carr
RankDeputy Sheriff
AgencyMaricopa County Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandDistrict II
FromYorba Linda, California
Why Law EnforcementAfter spending over 8 years in the Marine Corps I still had a desire to be part of something that is bigger than myself. It is another way that I can be out and serving people. I would say it is the desire to sacrifice or make a difference.
First ArrestI’m not certain if it was my first arrest, however the first one that I can remember while in the first phase of my training was for an occupied stolen vehicle. The short and quick is that a person known to my FTO informed him that his POS of a stepson (mid 20’s living at home) was in possession of what he believed to be a stolen vehicle. He agreed to go home and tell him to leave and we would be waiting down the road to make the stop. All went as planned until our Dispatch kept telling us to standby as we were trying to run the registration. Thankfully the suspect didn’t get stupid, but being stopped next to him, window to window, because he tried to turn around and go back home was a bad feeling. He was taken into custody without incident and turned snitch with our major crimes division.
Best part of the jobActually making a positive difference in people’s lives. The ones that actually thank you personally, genuinely, and/or contact your command to let them know of the difference they see. To clarify, it is not the at-a-boys for yourself it is knowing a difference was made.
HobbiesThe one major thing I do outside of work is actually closely related to work. I enjoy riding bikes, both mountain and road. This is because of a non-profit I work with which raises money for Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS). The non-profit, Law Enforcement United (LEU) I work with culminates in a 250+ mile bicycle ride ending in Washington DC for the opening of Police Week in May each year.
Favorite Quote“People like you give me job security”



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ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS Show 2806 Sun, 02 Aug 2015 20:40:12 +0000

ALL NEW EPISODE – COPS / August 8th @ 8/7 central on SPIKE!!

Drive and Dash

A man tries to throw the cops off his scent by running through a shower. Deputies are called when a belligerent man violates a restraining order. A husband and wife give the police conflicting stories during a traffic stop.

EP-2806 / Viewer discretion is advised

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Deputy Chase Bubley – Lee County Sheriff’s Office Sun, 02 Aug 2015 03:30:40 +0000

c2803c1ThumbDeputy Bubley is dispatched to a physical disturbance call. When he arrives there is a scuffle going on between two male suspects. Deputy Bubley and Deputy Marshall quickly intervene and try to break up the struggle between the two males. Once they are able to disengage one male off the other one becomes aggressive and resistant towards both deputies and eventually is taken down to the ground. Once the suspect becomes cooperative and somewhat compliant he is then taken to a patrol car. The male suspect begins to complain of injury to his knee. Paramedics arrive on scene shorty after and being to check him out. The whole incident was started because the male suspect in custody was being physically abusive towards his mother and hit her after being questioned about two lap top computers in his room that did not belong to him. She suspects he was out car hopping. While the male suspect was being looked at by paramedics he fleas from them and deputies into a wooded area near by with cuffs on. The suspect is once again detained and taken to the back of patrol car. Mom claims that he was in a scuffle with a cousin who was trying to calm him down. The male suspect was sent to jail for domestic violence and obstruction along with drug paraphernalia. 

Deputy Bubley performs a traffic stop on a car leaving an are known for  drugs and prostitution. Deputy Bubley talks to the driver who is viably nervous but is very compliant. Both driver and passenger are asked to exit the vehicle and are searched. The driver initially claims that he does not know the passenger all to well and was just giving him a ride. During the search Dep. Bubley discovers heroin in the wallet of passenger. The passenger claims that we was robbed earlier while trying to buy a chain and his wallet was taken. He states that he recovered the wallet and had no idea how the heroin got placed in his wallet. The passenger admits that he has a drug addiction and is/has been trying to come clean for himself, family and his kids. Driver leaves with a ticket and passenger is arrested for drug possession. 

NameChase Bubley
RankDeputy Sheriff
AgencyLee County Sheriff’s Office
Station/Area CommandNorth District
FromFort Myers, Florida
Why Law EnforcementI was in the Middle East on a combat deployment when I saw some pretty bad things happening state side. I decided to come back home and and take up watch domestically rather then internationally.
First ArrestMy first night after FTO (Field Training) I found a guy hiding in a ditch, he gave me a false name and was super sketchy. He ended up having a felony warrant and was taken to jail.
Best part of the jobloyalty and brotherhood with some of my shift partners
HobbiesBoxing, Jiu jitsu, Olympic and power lifting, Hockey, Baseball, Football
Favorite QuoteSic Vic Pacum Para Bellum. “If you want peace prepare for war”
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